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Introduction to EICHER Trucks

EICHER Trucks, is a joint venture between the VOLVO GROUP and EICHER MOTORS. The Eicher Trucks managing company in South Africa, is known as VECV (Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles).

Eicher PRO Series trucks promises class-leading fuel efficiency, superior uptime and minimum maintenance.

VOLVO GROUP, the world’s Leading manufacturer of trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and Industrial engines, brought in its global expertise and world-class technology, while EICHER MOTORS brought in its Innovative engineering and proven DNA of fuel efficiency.

The mission of this joint venture – VE Commercial Vehicle (Pty) Ltd, is to set new benchmarks in professionalism, quality and service delivery, in the commercial transportation industry through its leading brand Eicher Trucks and Buses.

Eicher Pro Series has been designed and developed in a modern, high-tech, multi-facility manufacturing plant – which is also home to our next-generation engine plant – built in collaboration with the VOLVO GROUP. The facility not only manufactures EURO IV heavy duty engines, but also supplies EURO VI compliant base engines internationally to the VOLVO GROUP. On the Eicher PRO Series assembly line, state-of-the-art production processes include a robotic cab weld shop, a CED paint shop and a 100% hot test facility, all of which are aimed at achieving quality and reliability in line with top international standards.



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