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Why choosing to partner with EICHER means affordable trucking

We care for our customers, we believe in our trucks, we are committed to growing our truck footprint in the South African market. We have the support of two of the world’s most powerful truck brands, VOLVO and EICHER. We are proud of the fact that our trucks have been tried and tested under harsh conditions, not only in South Africa, but across Africa, Asia and parts of Europe. We know what down-time means, and it is in our DNA to keep our trucks on the road.


Volvo Group’s EMS 3.0 (Engine Management System) – FUEL EFFCIENCY

Pro 3000 Series is powered by a new generation, fuel-injected, four-cylinder, four-valve Eicher E494 CRS engine which features the Volvo Group’s EMS 3.0 technology – a management system with high processing capability that maintains optimum balance between load demand, fuel efficiency, emission control and low-end torque, delivering 10% better fuel efficiency.


Chassis strength and durability

Our chassis is built on a high-strength, modular Domex “Swedish steel” ladder-frame design to deliver a light weight high performance and durable structure to last for many years.


Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS)

Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS) provides advanced diagnostic data in real time regarding operational parameters. Fault indicators – which encompass visual signals, messages and alarms to check for probable causes and take corrective action – include those for engine overheating, water in fuel, air filter restriction, oil and brake pressure, fuel consumption and clutch wear.



The aim is to ensure safe and efficient driving while flagging potential problems that may require

preventative maintenance, thus helping to deliver superior uptime. The system also provides detailed data regarding fuel use, including instant and average consumption as well as distance to empty.

Superior Comfort

Comfort features include electrically powered windows, air conditioning, a six-way adjustable driver’s seat, a tilt and telescopically adjustable steering wheel and clutch pedal footrest.

Active and passive safety features




The Eicher Pro Series complies with the strictest safety standards.

Primary active and passive safety features, include dual circuit full air S-cam brakes, all-round, exhaust brake and ABS.

Also featuring is our dual panel cab compliance to AIS 029 Global Safety Standards, retractable 3-point seat belts, radial tubeless tyres and fog lamps as standard.

Transmission and drive shaft technology

The six-speed manual-shift gearbox features Aluminium housing with an inspection window, while the robust Monotron propeller shaft has been designed for maintenance-free operation. The spacious cabin has been adapted from a Japanese design for comfort, safety and ergonomic efficiency.

Aftermarket assurance

The point of sale is just the beginning of our customer relationship. Our brand PRO philosophy means that we aim to partner with our customers through the entire life cycle of each vehicle sold. EICHER Trucks has been PROactively busy ensuring parts are available in most instances, all-the-time. We have partnered with Bidvest Panalpina Logistics (BPL) to warehouse and resource our parts-line-up. We currently hold more than 2600-line items in stock at the BPL warehouse in Johannesburg.